Weekly Language Arts Assignments Complete 10 of the menu of assignments for the week.  Vocabulary Words embarked energy program produced imminent percent permanent permitted Vocabulary Definitions Using a dictionary, look up the week's vocabulary words.  You need to use the 5-part model papers or create your own using regular paper. Reading Comprehension   Read the Social Studies article      then answer the questions     associated with the article.  Newsela.com Reading You will be assigned two articles to read. Then you will complete a quiz for each article read.   Your grade will be based on the comprehension quiz from each article.   Words Within Words Write each vocabulary word and then write at least 2 words made from that word. Example: information train    nation IXL Lanaguage Arts Complete IXL Language Arts (Imagine Learning for students who see Ms. Morris) for at least 30 minutes each day.   Handwriting Workbook Complete pages 70-80 in your handwriting workbook. Make sure  you practice using your best handwriting. Fact vs. Opinion Complete the worksheets to show your understanding of statemes as facts or opinions. Vocabulary Practice Complete the worksheets to show your understanding of theis week’s vocabulary.  Alphabetize Your Vocabulary Alphabetize each vocabulary word then write each of them out five times.  Weekly Writing Choose one of the stories that we read in class for the week and write the main idea of the story. Include at least one quote from the story in your writing.  Alliteration Sentences Write a sentence for each of your vocabulary wordsusing as much alliteration as possible. Example: Mike’s microphone made much music. Reducing Sentences Complete the worksheets to practice reducing sentences.