Weekly Homework Assignments Complete 4 of the menu of assignments 1 in each box for the week.  Spelling Words day rain mail play paint stay break great chain say Math   ____ Count by 2s, 3s, 5s, & 25s each on a            paper two times. ____ Measure 5 different items with a cm            ruler and record your results. ____ Do Math online for 20 minutes you              can choose funbrain.com or            mathplayground.com ____ Complete the Math Facts worksheet            provided by the teacher. Spelling   ____ Write each of your spelling words in            fancy letters 2 times. ____ Write your spelling words in pyramids.           ____ Write your spelling words using           exciting sentences. ____ Write your spelling words in ABC           order. Grammar   ____ Nouns: Write 5 people words, 5 place           words, and 5 thing words. Writing ____ Write a letter to someone in your              family. ____ Write 5 things you can do at home to            help. Reading   ____ Read to self for at least 20 minutes. ____ Listen to books on starfall.com for at