Weekly Language Arts Assignments Complete all 6 of the menu of assignments for the week.  Vocabulary Definitions Using a dictionary, look up the week's vocabulary words.  You need to use the 5-part model papers or create your own using regular paper. Handwriting Complete the workbook pages 28-31. Make sure as you practice, you are using your best handwriting. IXL Language Arts/Imagine Learning Complete IXL Language Arts (Imagine Learning for students who see Ms. Morris) for at least 30 minutes each day. Reading A Historical Article Read the article “Journey to Freedom” on pg. 249. Then write a paragraph telling the main idea of the article, add facts that back up your idea.  Idioms Complete the worksheets to learn how to use idioms in your writing. Newsela.com Reading You will be assigned two articles to read. Then you will complete a quiz for each article read.   Your grade will be based on the comprehension quiz from each article.   Vocabulary Words equality freedom route distinguish risk crossing Words Within Words Write each vocabulary word and then write at least 2 words made from that word. Example: information train    nation Proverbs Use your understanding of the proverbs provided for the week to create a dialog that incorporates one of the proverbs.  Alphabetize Your Vocabulary Alphabetize each vocabulary word then write each of them out five times.